How to break the awkward silence on a first date?

How to break the awkward silence on a first date?
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Are you one of those introverts who does not know how to break the ice when meeting someone for the first time? Worry not, not all dates can be perfect and not all dates can be just as worse as your nightmare. However, it is important to be prepared with some comebacks to break the awkward silence that peeps in unknowingly. People say silence is golden but only if it doesn’t get uncomfortable. Here are a few ways to avoid the sore silence between you two souls.

  1. Give a compliment: Nothing can beat a good compliment, give the silence a romantic touch. You will see things getting comfortable soon enough.
  2. Talk about the place: This is a topic everyone has an opinion on. Start by judging the place and share your thoughts.
  3. Share memories: Sharing stories can make things easy and comfortable. Go slow but share memories and you will end up sharing laughs as well.
  4. Be curious: Ask questions about your date. Explore the person in him/her, get to know about the choices and preferences. Curiosity makes you feel wanted and important.
  5. Brush up on Bollywood: Bollywood makes for a good and abundant topic. You may find some common tastes or end up having a debate over some.
  6. Avoid cheesy lines: Passing cheesy compliments is a big turn off, stay decent and let your patients make up for you. The first impression counts big time.
  7. Plan for a next meet: If you thought the date went good, plan for the next date. It makes an impression of your interest. Keeping the first date short is a good idea.


Have a happy happy date. 


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