Don't let Kabir Singh influence, you Boys!

Don't let Kabir Singh influence, you Boys!
Kabir Singh

Blockbuster movie Arjun Reddy’s Hindi remake, Kabir Singh released last Friday. Audiences are all love for the movie and the cast, especially Shahid Kapoor for his exceptional performance which adds a lot to the film. The three-day box office collection of this dramatic love saga is approximately 70 crores, which clearly depicts the story of its success. On the other side, the movie has also evoked a debate, Is it okay to celebrate misogyny and aggrandizing toxic masculinity? 

The movie is loved by many but most of the film critics of Bollywood are severely criticizing the movie and calling it, “No film for a woman”. The social media is also flooded with all kinds of reactions, many have laughed at the Telugu audiences for liking an atavistic film like Arjun Reddy. Few people are even smashing Shahid Kapoor for portraying such misogynist and patriarchal character, who treats women as property. People are claiming it to be problematic rather than romantic. The protagonist, Kabir Singh not only encourages misogyny but also glorifies abusive relationship and violence in the name of love. The movie tries to normalise all kinds of abuses, where the man shows no respect for women and rather threatens a woman for refusing him for sex. In the obsessive and possessive love, a woman is being slapped and physically struggled.

However, there are many people who are defending the movie by saying that it's just a movie and the audiences are smart enough to decide what to take from the film and what not to. Movies are made for entertainment and there have been several characters who can never be appreciated in the real world. Some say that entertainment business isn't made for giving lessons of life and it’s wrong to expect a movie to be politically correct all the time.

In his reaction to this whole subject, Shahid Kapoor said that “Kabir Singh portrays a flawed man with all honesty and if the audience only wants to watch nice characters, cinema won't go far.” Rather than restricting the art, emphasis should be laid on getting people to look at art and judge what's wrong and what's not. Whether to watch it or not, depends entirely on audiences. But the fact cannot be denied that a section of the audience is finding it a wrong portrayal of love and manhood. And what if even one person gets encouraged by the behaviour portrayed in it?

Blog by: Kritika Kashyap

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