"Bihar Rejects Nitish" started trending on twitter today. Know the reasons why?

"Bihar Rejects Nitish" started trending on twitter today. Know the reasons why?
Nitish Kumar

The Bihar legislative assembly elections are going to be held in the month of October most probably. It’s kind of high time, and a lot of commitments as well as promises by our political leaders are in the limelight everyday. The BJP-JDU alliance government are trying their best to sort out their previously done mistakes by bringing out various schemes, which they portray as beneficial but the current scenario which is trending on twitter portrays something else.


#BiharRejectsNitish- This hashtag is trending on no. 3 on twitter. Twitterati are questioning as well as rejecting the Nitish Govt. about the work they have done in the field of providing jobs, which is a much concerned topic for the youth. #nojobnovote & #BiharBole_RozgarDo are also major hashtags for today.

People are also questioning Nitish Govt. on many different contexts other than unemployment. The people of Bihar are well aware of the problems that are caused every year because of the floods, almost 65 lakh people  suffered this year. From losing their homes to struggling for food, people are still waiting for help from the government.

People are asking the reasons from the Nitish Govt. for not taking a stand for Bihari students stucked in Kota, not taking a stand for NEET & Jee, announcing job for SC/St on the basis of murder in their family. People are also blaming the BJP IT cell, for coming up with Sushant Singh Rajput's masks and posters, for playing the sympathy vote card.