Aligarh horrifying incident: 3-Year old downtrodden to death

Aligarh horrifying incident: 3-Year old downtrodden to death
Twinkle Sharma case

Isn’t it bewildering to sum up that our country is going in which direction? The country in which women like Sania Mirza, Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom increase the pride through women empowerment, where women are treated as a goddess has also a face which will make us feel apologetic. To begin with Nirbhaya, Asifa and now Twinkle Sharma, the barbaric incident makes the whole country ashamed.

This inhuman incident hails from Aligarh in U.P which has made humanity dishonourable. A child lost her life just because of a loan of Rs.10,000 initiating from kidnapping then killing. Twinkle was found missing while playing outside her home. Her father filed the report and after two days her body was found from the piles of garbage. Jahid, the culprit who had given the loan was in a dispute with Twinkle’s family and the same day he threatened for the revenge. He along with Aslam planned her kidnapping, they strangled her with a dupatta and sacked in fodder and straws. A day later when corpse started stinking, they discarded it nearby.

The post-mortem reports of Twinkle come up with shocking revelations with the absence of kidney and urinary bladder. Accordingly, she was killed around 30 May by shock due to anti-mortem injury. There was no mention of rape in the decomposed body with gouged out eyes. Nose-mouth areas, vagina, left side of the chest were widely infected with parasites along with a fracture of the left knee and nasal bridge. How can someone become brutally ferocious with a child of a mere 3 years? Apart from these, many black spots were present on the whole body and hand was detached due to the brutal assault.

An investigation team, SIT was set up for the inspection. Twinkle’s mother Shilpa Sharma made pleas for strict punishment and said no actions against them will encourage them. She also told that Aslam (co-accused) has raped his own 4-year-old daughter, due to which her wife left for her parent’s home. As per the police POCSO (protection of children from sexual offence) Act will also be there in the case. The two main culprits have been arrested and action has been taken against the concerned. Any negligence found guilty of police personnel is also taken to task. 

Culprits of Twinkle's murder

The brutality of the incident is shocking. We as Indians are ashamed of such violent and villainous acts whether she was Nirbhaya, Twinkle or any other angel on earth. No words are strong enough to condemn this heinous crime. Rape victims encounter many insensitive approaches towards them with delays, inactions and degradations by the officials themselves. Indian authorities should focus more than ever on creating harsher criminal punishment and strictest of actions for vandal rapists. Can’t our government provide safe and secure surroundings for girls with no delayed justice? 
Wake up government! Wake up humanity!

Blog by: Annu Priya

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