6 Valentine specials for your Special Date!

6 Valentine specials for your Special Date!
Valentine date

14th February is round the clock and we all must be thinking hard on how to surprise our valentine. Well, there is no better way than through the stomach and taste buds. A romantic day with a variety of valentine special items is sure going to make your day very special and memorable. It is time you are going to score a point with these amazing items here. Here is a list of some special items you can get for your special date and make it more enthralling by cooking/preparing them yourself. The most budget-friendly and stomach friendly dishes are here for you.

  1. Red velvet Cookies: The color of love, plated in front of your date in the form of cookies, sounds amazingly romantic. Give it a more romantic look by placing heart-shaped white chocolate on the top of it and see your valentine falling for you all over again.
  2. Cup-cakes: Cup-cakes are the most sought after desserts for such occasions. The ultimate declaration of love is when you share your cupcake. Show love to your valentine by placing the romantic cupcake in front of her. 
  3. Valentine biscuits: Sounds absurd? Trust us, this is an amazing idea. Your Valentine will surely not be expecting such great efforts. Cook from your heart and see your valentine go lovy-dovy on you.
  4. A fruit cake: Cake is always a super idea for celebrations. Add a touch of love to it by going for a fruit cake or red velvet cake. Since love is red, everything has to be red right?
  5. Romantic cocktails: Take your Valentine out for some drinks, order a personalized cocktail and see him/her go gaga over you and your efforts. 
  6. Cheese Fondue: A yummy cheese fondue to add some cheese to your love life. Go for fondue and add a smidgen of love potion to make your Valentine feel the special and desired.

Cook food, Cook love!

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