10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down

10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down
Simple ways to calm down

Life does not always give you cherries, it is ok to be upset, it is ok to be captivated and it is also ok to yield anger. Though you have to be certain that the anger is not the destroyer but the acknowledger. It must hold an ability to acknowledge the power you behold, the mastery your mindset has and the dreams you can achieve. To guide you to a path, where anger can be controlled and have power upon, we are here with 10 points to calm you down.

  1. Redirect your mind to breathing. Analyze how you inhale and exhale, put your focus on your inner body and avoid thinking about your problems and disappointments. Follow your breathe and return to the world with a calm and peaceful mind.
  2. Pen down your feelings. One of the best ways to calm yourself down is to spill the beans. Sit with a pen and paper, start writing about your feelings, about people who ditched you and about situations that brought you there. Once you are done, feel a sudden gush of anger floating out of your mind. Pen down your feelings
  3. Dance on your toes. It hardly matters if you know dancing, moving on the beats will calm your mind and energize your body. Get into your room, play a song with fast beats, and start moving. Past few minutes, you will find yourself enjoying keeping all the negativity at bay. 
  4. Help yourself with some time. Go to some café, beach, field or your own happy place to relieve stress. Sitting a few hours alone with your thoughts will make you realize your worth and potential. Do this often to manage your feelings and reconnect with yourself.
  5. Listen to calm songs. Listening is magic and it does wonders when you have a chaotic mind to put to peace. Excuse yourself from the world, put your headphones on and rethink about your feelings. listen to songs to calm your mind
  6. Talk to someone you trust with your feelings. Sometimes it becomes tough to get along with yourself. Find remedy in someone and talk your heart out. See what the other person has got in his pot.
  7. Draw random lines. Vent out all your anger by drawing simple and calm straight lines. See your negativity flowing out and calmness talking over your mind. Art is subjective and the best way to peace your mind.  Draw lines to calm yourself down
  8. Go for a walk. A leisure walk in the gardens or beside a beach does no harm but all good to the chaotic mind. Take out some time, go for a walk, and to the nature sounds that you would otherwise have missed.
  9. Get busy. Create a list of things you have to complete by end of the day. Keep a track and try to cover all your tasks. Getting busy in your own world is the best thing you could do for yourself.
  10. Fuel yourself up. Keep your stomach happy and you will be happy. Eat and drink whatever you like, go to cafes and restaurants and get your favorite dish. A plate full of it will keep you charged up and positive.

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