Meridian International School- A School With Progressive Pedagogy Approach

Meridian International School- A School With Progressive Pedagogy Approach
Meridian International School, Patna

In today’s world progressive pedagogy is important for students to develop their intellectual as well as social intelligence by not only emphasizing academics but also to focus on their holistic development. The idea that students need to acquire and even master knowledge before they should attempt to do things is not only a traditional but limiting approach. While it can yield some benefits, it misses an opportunity to build other vital skills simultaneously. Moving along towards more progressive approach we want to eradicate “front-loading” knowledge that would let students do some critical thinking with it and this is where we lack progressive schools in Patna with a holistic pedagogy approach.

Meridian International School tends to possess such qualities where there’s an attempt to engage students in critical thinking and make them think independently so that they develop their own approach of solving problems independently but obviously under the guidance of teachers. It is a premier  school with the best academic infrastructure and student friendly environment also being at the prime location of the state Khagual road,Saguna More makes it more feasible for every student to commute. Integrated with CBSE curriculum, their courses are curated to provide best practices of educational aspects along with ensuring equal importance to extracurricular and sporting activities. They have a strong team of academicians, visionary management with which they move forward to provide quality learning complemented by futuristic technology. They have a fully equipped campus to provide a holistic experience to all students and teachers. 

They have a great blend of teachers and facilities who provide best in-class facilities to enrich education and provide the best of both worlds. From music and dance to art and craft to well-equipped labs and playground area and many other facilities are at par within the school premises. Also they focus equally on physical and mental development of students by providing outdoor as well as indoor sports and games. Most importantly they provide a safe and quality transport facility that lets your child be safe under the guidance of a teacher. 

Its great to have such a school that is not only profound in imparting education but also building your ward into a better individual. We should strive to build more such schools in our state.


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