Ten Ways To Avoid Peer Pressure Without Being Depressed

Ten Ways To Avoid Peer Pressure Without Being Depressed
We often fall under the trap of peer pressure often at college or schools or even at our neighbourhood. Peer pressure is normal at some level but we must understand the intensity of it. We must realise when this peer pressure it picking up speed and when do we have to put a stop at it. In my college, we are often under situations where my peer groups force me to do things that I personally don’t prefer doing. It’s up to you when and how you say ‘no’ to it. The most common forms of peer pressure are still the same as they were 20 years ago. People will try to persuade others to try drugs cigarettes or alcohol, to engage in underage sex, to play truant from school or to commit some kind of crime all with the intention of getting the victim to agree to fit into some kind of group or ‘gang’ or a type of accepted behaviour which they don’t necessarily feel comfortable with.  If you’re involved in a more complicated or even dangerous situation, talk to an adult you trust like your parents, your professor, or even the police if you feel the need. You can always stay anonymous if you go to the police. Today we’d be talking about how to avoid peer pressure in 10 simple ways.


1. Say “No” like you mean it:

Don’t keep smiling and saying no like you want it desperately but you are just being formal. Show that you are serious.

 2. Give them a positive reason for denying:

Tell them it’s negative effects. Educate them ,make them aware.

3. Be repetitive. Practice saying ‘No’:

Stay determined that you don’t have to do things they are doing.

4. Don’t believe that everyone’s doing it:

Because, not everyone is doing it. I am not doing it.

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5. Ask for help. Go to your parents:

Involve your parents. They are your life-giver.

6. Find new friends:

If you are sensing a change in their friendship, move on. Find better friends.

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7. Stay away from the old group:

Avoid them as much as you can. Give them a proper reason. Don’t just run away.

8. Inform someone of threats:

If you don’t want to involve your parents, ask someone responsible at your school. A senior, or your teacher.

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9. Evaluate your friendship:

Always keep a check on your friends. See what they are up to. You don’t have to be all nosey but remember to be a good friend.

10. Watch your moods:

You should always ask yourself one question-‘ Am I over-reacting?’

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