Man dressed as an elderly lady throws a cake at the Mona Lisa painting in Paris.

Man dressed as an elderly lady throws a cake at the Mona Lisa painting in Paris.

A man disguised as an elderly lady in a wheelchair threw a cake at Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting at the Louvre in Paris. Resources say that he threw the cake in an attempt to raise awareness about climate change.  Fortunately the painting was undamaged, but left with white cream smudged across its protective glass.

The wrongdoer was seen wearing a wig and lipstick with a wheelchair, lunged towards the painting and smeared cake on the protective glass that covered it. This incident took place on Sunday afternoon while there were a lot of visitors.The man claimed to be an activist was also seen throwing roses in the gallery and said ‘Think of the Earth’ and ‘There are people who are destroying the earth; think about it, think of earth. ‘That’s why I did this’ as he was escorted by the security. 

After getting caught the man addressed the people recording him about the importance of climate change and environmental protection. There have been several videos of the attack on the painting gone viral on different social media platforms. This 36 year old man was detained and sent to the police psychiatric unit, the Paris prosecutor’s confirmed on Monday.

This is not the first time that Mona Lisa has faced the wrath. According to a report by The Guardian in 2009, a frustrated russian woman threw a ceramic cup at the painting after not getting French nationality. Luckily the painting was protected by the glass. 

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