Author: Puja Agrawal

Soldiers to have a free hand now

The country has united against the terror and the army has been given a free hand to act against it.

The Must Watch Short Films

Short films are the new trend, keeping up with them is important. here is a list of 6 such short films that you must watch.

Unnati – A Conclave for Change

Unnati is a conclave pioneered by Social Mela last year (2018), the theme being social change. Political awareness being the theme...

Bollywood is now in the Biopic Mood!

The year has a list of biopics coming up in the theaters. Check out which actor is playing which role.

Are you entering in the month alone?

Valentine month has kicked in, all of are looking for our valentine. Amidst this, let us plan something different and adventurous....

Wearing glasses is a pain!

People who wear glasses regularly know very well the perks of it. Tell us in the comment section if you agree with all the points...

8 Things every girl should do before Marriage

While the family forces you to get married, girls, you ought to check-list these pointers. Live your moment now, before the marriage...

10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down

It is ok to not be ok. It is ok to feel disheartened on some days. What is not ok is to let yourself down because of your chaotic...