Author: Puja Agrawal

Did you know these Internet Slangs?

It is more than required to be up-to-date with the world of the internet. Here are a few slangs you must know to win the cat race....

Sleep better! Happy World Sleep Day!

It is equally important to sleep peacefully together with a good diet for a healthy body. World Sleep day is celebrated to highlight...

Aamir Khan turns 54! Know him better.

The ace actor of Bollywood Aamir Khan turned 54 today. Let us give a look at his early life stuggles.

Kalank Teaser Launch! All you need to know!

The period drama on eternal love is set to hit the cinemas on 19th April. The teaser anyhow holds the audience with its ultimate hook....

Everything you should know about model code of conduct

The elections dates are out, and the code of conduct is applied. Watch this space to know what are the conducts.

Things Men Should do for a Woman

It is important to make women feel empowered every day and not just celebrate one day. Here is something we would like the dear men...

Know the Women of Bihar

This women's day, let us talk about a few women from our soil who have made us proud.

Lady Gaga is setting new music records and we can’t keep...

It's not about how many times you get rejected. It's about how many times you stand up and are brave and keep on going. - Lady Gaga

Why marrying away is the best choice!

A destination wedding is one of the best ways to plan a fabulous wedding with fewer guests and more enjoyment.

Fashion Blunders We Commit Without Noticing

Fashion blunder is something you can not afford to make. Be updated with the trends, but be sure before you follow them.

Karl Lagerfeld dies at 85 in Paris

The ace fashion designer, died at an age of 85 in a Parish hospital today. Know who he is and how he died.

Signs that you are a quiet person

Are you a person who speaks less and listens more. Tell us if you agree with the signs mentioned here.

Patna Metro Foundation Day

The foundation for the Patna Metro Rail is said to be laid today. Find out the details in here.

Health benefits of Apples

Did you know what are the health benefits of the miracle fruit you are eating daily?