THIS is What It’s Like To Live In a PG!

THIS is What It’s Like To Live In a PG!
Hostel Life

Shifting out of your comfort zone happens to take a toll on the fragile hearts of young ones – one of the repercussions being homesickness.

BUUUT, there is also the fun part and that is what we are going to review! The pointless fighting over bathroom slots, late night chai shots, struggling for maggi and staying up all night trying to make sure you all pass your exams. Staying away from parents is bittersweet, but staying surrounded by your own people is something not a lot get to experience. Let us all be honest, nothing beats that, does it? 

For all the fucchas in town who are freaking out at the thought of staying the hostel – we are here to help. Hostel tends to be a pretty crazy ride that manages to have everyone on board. So now that you are a part of this, why not take a minute to love all the little things there are to love about this journey? We bring to you the most appropriate memes that describe hostel life perfectly.

    Want some Ghee Rotis?

You are no longer a part of the family system that runs the household. Well, primarily, your mumma or whoever fits the maternal function. Nobody feeds the baby in us like our moms! And now that you are in a hostel, please feel free to forget about your pampering and room service. We feel for you, kid. But this is pretty much how you are going to manage..

    HA, HA, HA, yep.

Half your stuff is going to be in the dirty laundry section, the rest, well, just gone. Remember this: when you leave college, you do not leave with memories alone…


Hostellers are nothing if not jugaadu. They manage their assignments, exams, padhai, entrances, a nonexistent social life and endless sharing and borrowing that helps dorms function. This exchange of items and ideas is accompanied by an expertise in juggling everything at once (something that all Indians have in common!)

     Somebody say rajma chawal?

This is something all hostelers can relate to! Nothing drives friends to a room faster than the smell of garam-garam ghar ka khana. And to have those tiffins sizzling with that divine fragrance of food in your room can turn nightmare-ish within seconds. And that is when you find yourself under attack. Before you blink your eyes, all your food is gone and your room is now hosting a gala for 50. Welcome to Pg.

    Your Food Intake

Your pocket money does not take long to turn into ice cream shakes and redi burgers, especially when you are right out of home and fairly incompetent in taking care of yourself. All that ameeri of eating out quickly fades out and all you are left with is what you know the best: Maggi!

Pg life took me out of my comfort zone, taught me to be economical, to stand for what’s right, to share happiness or a shoulder when needed. It also gave me good friends I could cherish all my life. What makes a person call a place home which isn’t home? People. When you are surrounded by the right people, you don’t have to call it a second home, you know it is. It doesn’t happen every time where we meet people who live with us, teach us, compliment us, support us, and stand by us no matter what. It may happen to everyone but it might not happen every time. Life in a hostel is an experience in life worth having,  it depends on us if we want to have it or not.

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Signing off 

-Team Social Mela.