10 Points That Prove PMC is Working Really Hard to Make Our City Patna Clean

10 Points That Prove PMC is Working Really Hard to  Make Our City Patna Clean
Patna Municipal Corporation

Patna is considered as one of the most polluted cities of the country. Although, the country’s capital, Delhi; has a population of more than 1.9 crores whereas, Patna has a population of nearly 21 lakh. Even then, the pollution is relatively higher. This makes us wonder, what is actually wrong with the city? Despite constant efforts and struggles of the government, there was no reduction in the pollution of the city. 

The Patna Municipal Corporation has come up with some amazing measures to reduce pollution, which has given us a ray of hope. These 10 facts depict the important step taken by PMC:

  1. Door to door garbage collection- New vehicles have been launched in order to collect garbage straight away from home. People don’t even have to walk to reach the vehicle. It comes with a musical note to alert people of its arrival. 
  2. Ban on polythene bags- The step taken by the PMC to put a ban on plastic bags from October 25th in rural and November 25th in urban areas; was appreciated a lot by the people of the city. 
  3. Wall arts- The walls of the city have been decked up by Mithila Paintings. Young talents showcased their art on the walls making it astonishingly beautiful.
  4. Beautification of Ghats- Being culturally diversed, the Ghats are very significant for the people of the city. Festivals like Chhath and Durga Puja are celebrated with a different level of devotion. The Ghats have been cleaned and beautified to let the essence of festivals flow freely.
  5. Demolition of waste- Waste materials lying on the road has been demolished. The huge dump of garbage across the road is cleaned every now and then. 
  6. Stopped construction material to stay on roads- The construction materials such as cement, sand, bricks emitting huge particulate matter into the air have been stopped from leaving on the roads. 
  7. Workers of PMC are active- Earlier the workers of PMC appeared once in a blue moon but now they have become really active in full force.  
  8. Street lights- Street lights are placed in every nook and corner of the city. Also, customer care service has been active to take care of it.
  9. Sewage treatment- The sewage tanks and pipes have been cleaned to get rid of overflowing gutters.
  10.  Modular toilets and active on social media- One such welcoming change by the PMC is that they have become active on social media. Work on the installation of 1000 modular toilets all around the city is going on.

The credit to all the sudden change in the working style of PMC goes to the Mayor of the city, Sita Sahu and Municipal Commissioner Anupam Kumar Suman. There is still a long path to cover but we appreciate what is being done. 

Image Credit : Patna Municipal Corporation 

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