A game-changer, laundry, and dry cleaning startup from Bihar- Washing Xpress

A game-changer, laundry, and dry cleaning startup from Bihar- Washing Xpress

Have you thought that your laundry stress can be relaxing and you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones? In this article, I will be introducing you to an organization that is the one-stop solution for all your laundry needs. Washing Xpress is one of the reliable companies in India to introduce the Laundromat or People’s Laundry for people on the go. They take off the burden of washing, drying, and ironing with the least time and money. 

The Journey of Washing Xpress

Mr. Rahul Kalra is the Founder and Managing Director of Washing Xpress. He was born and brought up in Delhi. But due to some reasons, he shifted to Patna. After completing his studies he worked in different corporate offices of Patna in the field of Sales and Marketing. Being in a marketing job earlier, he had always been motivated by creative projects, teamwork, and because of this, he was able to draw a connection between his efforts and the organization’s bottom line. He believes in “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”. He desired to generate such an employment opportunity in Bihar which in turn could help to reduce migration. He wanted to start up his own organization. Then in 2018 in the month of January, he launched the first store of Washing Xpress, an Italian Laundry and Dry Cleaning service in Patna near S.K. Puri, Boring Road. People are often stressed out about cleaning clothes, cleaning the sofa, shoe cleaning, etc. But not to worry, Washing Xpress provides a number of services that will reduce your stress and tension about laundry. The services are clocked below- 

  1. Dry Cleaning

  2. Laundry By Kg

  3. Sofa Cleaning

  4. Shoe Laundry

  5. Luggage Laundry

  6. Curtain Laundry

  7. Steam Ironing

  8. Free Pick & Drop

Mr. Rahul Kalra not only desired to start up an organization but also to provide employment to the people who lost their jobs due to some or other reason and to reduce migration. On asking him about his entrepreneurial journey Mr. Rahul Kalra says that the excitement of embarking on this new journey and starting a new chapter, earning satisfaction for the time and efforts put in was full of excitement and anticipation. On asking him about why he chose laundry as a startup, he said that the working-class, the students, and old age people heavily rely on laundry services and this clicked to him as a recession-free business.

Mr. Rahul Kalra looks up to Mr. Ratan Tata as his role model. He believes that Mr. Ratan Tata is the most prominent Indian business leader whose inner values and outer actions demonstrate an evolved higher level of responsible leadership. His sayings - “to improve the lives of the communities we serve globally.” or “a life without excitement, ups and downs are too boring and dull. You need to be a storyteller to your grandchildren, why don’t prepare for that from now?”…inspires him a lot !! While asking him about the reason Washing Xpress is different from other laundry brands he says that the target of his organization is to reach each and every household with their very economical rates and high-end quality. They are very acceptable to the changes and upgrades around.

Every businessman is motivated by some motivational quotes but Mr. Kalra’s favorite motivational quote is the tagline of his own company i.e. “Rukna Mana Hai '' and indeed this tagline proves to be true. Within the journey of 3 years, Washing Xpress has launched 21 stores in 3 states of India. There are 14 stores in Bihar, 3 stores in Jharkhand, and 4 stores in Uttar Pradesh.  The positive response from the customers and the way the brand got attraction from many corners of India encouraged him to go national. Washing Xpress started with 5 employees in 2018 and currently, in 2021, there are around 90 employees working with this organization.  When asked on giving a message to the new entrepreneurs he said that one should have the courage to turn crises into opportunities. All dreams can come true if one has the courage to pursue them.


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